High Standing Desk

Height adjustable desk / High standing desk:

Availability: Two spaces


At Locus, we care about your wellbeing. For this reason, we designed an environment that gives you the option to remain active as you work. Our height adjustable high standing desks give you the option to work while standing. Our international standard high standing desks provide ergonomic standing support and include a range of features that ensure your comfort while working.


People all over the world are becoming more and more concerned about leading an unhealthy lifestyle. Recent reports reveal that more than 60% of people are aware of the health risks associated with sitting all day at the same location. This is why we are proud to present an option for you to use our height adjustable high standing desk.



Our high standing desks provide a solution to sitting in one spot for a long time. Furthermore, you will notice an improvement in your workflow when you use our height adjustable desks. Our height adjustable workstations can also help you collaborate more easily with your co-workers. You get to collaborate with more people within a short time, like before you need to give a presentation in our conference room. Additionally, we understand how important height adjustable furniture is for clients with special needs.


Our height adjustable standing workstation space includes an individual laptop space for you. There are USB charging points and surge protectors to connect all your devices safely. Storage spaces are also available at your high standing desk so that you can work in an organised way.


In summary, the height adjustable high standing desks at Locus include:

  • Height adjustable standing workstation space for healthy living
  • Height adjustable table for clients with special needs
  • Individual laptop space for each client
  • USB charging points
  • Surge protector for laptop and personal devices
  • Storage space for personal items
  • Ergonomically designed standing support