At Locus we offer following types of service to our clients:

1. Resident clients (Flexible office space / co-share office / Business centre):
Resident occupants can rent and use our physical resources and facility on a long term basis. I.e. individuals or companies can rent a workstation space for their work and rent our meeting room as required.

2. Walk in clients
Anyone can use our facility as a walk in client. They can use our facility on hourly basis as and when required. They can also rent our meeting room and other facilities.

3. Non-resident clients (Virtual office)
A select group of clients can use our setup as a virtual office after certain checks. They can use Locus as their business address for their business communication. We will store their posts as required and they can collect their items during business hours. They can also rent our facility for their meeting and other activities.

Available Facilities:

Meeting room / Training room
Availability: One room (7-10 participants)

Individual room
Availability: Two desk spaces (2)
A fully enclosed room with privacy from open space workstation setup with following facilities:

Semi enclosed workstation space
Availability: Six desk spaces (6)

Walk-in workstation space
Availability: Four desk spaces (4)

High standing desk (Height adjustable desk):
Availability: Two desk spaces (2)

Phone booth / Huddle room
Availability: One space (1)

Pantry area with self-service facility